New (Limited) Watch Alert: Seiko x Rowing Blazers

This collection is probably already completely sold out by the time this is actually posted, but Seiko and Rowing Blazers has released a third round of watches, and they still look pretty good.

Seiko x Rowing Blazers on nylon

Rowing Blazers is a more luxurious brand focusing on a preppy aesthetic, for rich people. I’m not 100% sold on that, but the watches they have released with Seiko look so great.

Seiko x Rowing Blazers tin

There are four dial variants, a purple dial, a pink dial, a yellow dial, and a white cream dial. Each of them are based off of the Seiko 5 with really interesting color combinations that feel modern and fun compared to the colors Seiko normally uses. They come with a metal three link bracelet and a nato strap in a limited edition tin.


I love this particular Seiko 5 chassis, it’s so sporty and doesn’t look like anything else on the market just on it’s own, now add more modern color combinations (if not a bit corporate) and you have a winner in my books.