2 for 1 deal: Watches AND Wonders!

The third day of Watches and Wonders has ended and thus, we have more news. Though I will admit, the news cycle has slowed its pace a little. So here are my top 5 tidbits!

Number 5: Bulgari has a new chronograph.

Alright, I am not the biggest fan of Bulgari, and especially their Octo collection. Long story short the collection stresses me out, but at least they have a chronograph now?

Number 4: Hublot was there…

No, I refuse to make a pun out of the “Big Bang” name, it’s overdone. What I will say however, is that these new Hublot’s aren’t *that* atrocious looking, the price is the only actual problem.

Number 3: Grand Seiko does it again.

I personally don’t love the tool watches Grand Seiko releases, nevertheless, if you can afford this you will get a much more interesting aquatic watch than that new titanium Rolex Yachtmaster.

Number 2: Montblanc continues Minerva’s legacy

I am a sucker for a monopusher chronograph, this skeleton dial is too flashy in my opinion, but I’m also too poor to really have an opinion on a $37,000 watch.

Number 1: A. Lange & Söhne does as they do.

This watch is honestly too complicated for me to even comprehend how it works, but it certainly does work, and it looks quite fine while doing it.