Day 1 of Watches and Wonders Roundup:

Well, well, well. The first day of Watches and Wonders 2023 just wound up, this was just the first day so I expect a lot more between now and the second of April, but for a first day I can’t really complain about the news, or the drama. Here are my top five tidbits!

Number 5: Rolex discontinues the Milgauss again!

I’ll be honest, this was disappointing, a bit surprising, but I’m just waiting, they’ll be back next year. They always come back.

Number 4: Imagine the Tudor Black Bay 58, but smaller!

I may be taking the piss a bit here but taking direct inspiration from one’s past is important, and here it yielded a $4,000 dollar success. (In my book at least)

Number 3: Patek Philippe modernises a classic!

I don’t know how i feel about this watch, it’s a classic Patek design, but all modernized which is cool, but it also has a date window, which is not cool.

Number 2: Rolex’s surprisingly interesting dress watch!

Along with the Milgauss, Rolex also discontinued the Celline, their dress watch. This one I’m not mad about because they replaced it with a striking new dress watch, that I might actually like…

Number 1: Grand Seiko releases their first mechanical chronograph!

I love Grand Seiko, with at least half of my heart, this watch doesn’t belong there but it sure is cool.