Design Overview: Boldr Field Medic Destro II

Okay this post is mainly a design overview, but it’s also a new watch post because technically this watch hasn’t been announced, at least according to the button that says: “To Be Announced.” This is not a review, as usual, and all images are from the brand’s website.

Boldr Supply is up there with my favorite micro brands, my only problem being there designs usually go after the “Every Day Carry” aesthetic which I personally don’t want to associate myself with too much, but the Field Medic chronograph looks nice nonetheless. The watch feels very utilitarian, and has a very nice size, coming in at 38 millimeters with a lug to lug of 44 millimeters, *almost* perfectly sized for me, but it’s the little details that make the piece.

The dial is very well proportioned with a pulsometer on the outer edge, a nice change from the usual tachymeter, and one that makes sense for a medical inspired watch, but besides that, the dial is a bit traditional for my taste, a reverse panda with red hands, but it gets better, with the indices and subdials being picked out with Japanese SuperLuminova; green AND blue! The indices are mainly circles, with a triangle at the twelve, it adds a playful twist to the relatively traditional dial.

The case and lugs, on the other hand, have an interesting silhouette, forming an almost tonneau shape but not quite. To take this further, this watch is technically designed for left handed people, with the pushers and crown are on the opposite side of the watch, but t honestly doesn’t matter what your dominant hand is. The lugs are more integrated into the case sitting on a grey one piece nato strap.

Boldr knows what their design language is, and it works really well, offering nice vintage sizes with more modern and somewhat aggressive design cues that are obviously meant to be worn adventuring, all coming in at $299. I have my problems with this design sure, but it doesn’t matter, because the good parts of this watch are so perfectly executed, that I can’t help but fall in love a little bit every time I look at it.