Design Overview: Casio AE1200WHD-1A

It really is a wonder I haven’t fully dug into the subject of Casio, the fan favorite. Casio has a very specific style, but manages to offer a catalogue so diverse you could create a whole collection out of it! I’m not doing that today, but it’s possible. Today I wanted to show off my favorite weirdo digital watch: the AE1200WHD-1A, more commonly referred to as the Royale, which is how I will be referring to it. As usual this is not a review, but I don’t really have an excuse because I could afford this watch, just an overview of the incredible design.

Tool watches have lost their way, long gone are the days one could get a great looking watch that’s super durable and highly specialized, but Casio tries to keep that market alive. This one is my favorite, and seemingly a lot of other’s favorite. First off, this watch feels like a true Bond watch, I know James Bond only deals in luxury, but it looks like it would be right at home in “Casino Royale.” I sincerely hope that’s where the nickname started.

The Gadgety vibe is so well executed here, coming in a sporty design, with a case made of resin, luckily the bracelet is metal. It has a really nice timeless retro design. This watch is mainly made for it’s world time complication with a world map, but it also has an LED to read in the dark, a 1 / 100 second stop watch, a capacity for five alarms, and 100 meters of water resistance. Pretty impressive for a watch with a resin case.

All these complications are integrated so nicely, each of them in their own distinct corner and easy to identify. While there is a lot of text on the dial, it fits. Because this watch, like most of Casio’s lineup, is made to be a tool, not fashionable. All this in a pleasant $43. I honestly have no criticisms on the design, it feels perfect, but that’s sort of what Casio is here for, perfect affordable design.