Has Baltic done it?

For a while I have been saving up, and trying to decide, what my first premium watch will be. As of last night I was pretty confident in what that watch will be, 1 but it looks like Baltic has other ideas. Just this morning Baltic released a new post on Instagram 2 and updated their website to reveal the silhouette of a new watch, let’s go over the information we have. This watch will be in my sweet spot for sizing, 36mm diameter, 44mm lug to lug length, it will be 7.4mm tall without the crystal, 9.2mm with the glass. It will make use of an ETA/Peseux 7001 hand wound movement with a small seconds sub-dial 3. This new collection looks like it will have a variety of impressive finishing throughout the case, and it will be made out of steel and titanium 4. I promise we are almost done here, the watch will start under 1000 euro on a leather strap and finally, the watch will come in four dial colors (one will be purple 5) and will start with a 10 day pre-order period, the first 100 will be labeled, and eventually will be in the permanent collection without the pre-order guff 6. I can’t describe how incredibly excited I am for this release, we don’t even know what the dial will look like yet but I can tell it is going to be incredibly beautiful 7. Somehow this watch comes out in only three more days but we already have most of the information about this watch, I would say I hope this watch will live up to my expectations but let’s be honest with ourselves, it will be, I don’t need to hope. I’ll be back on February 15th to gush all about the new Baltic, don’t you worry.

One of Baltic’s three teaser silhouette images their website
  1. Farer my beloved ↩︎
  2. They changed their profile picture a month-ish before, called it! ↩︎
  3. The best complication, fight me ↩︎
  4. Delicious ↩︎
  5. Sounds familiar, I’m not complaining ↩︎
  6. I don’t have enough money to be first in line… ↩︎
  7. My favorite color! ↩︎