NanoRobotGeek: Creator of the best Apple Watch

I am really good at click-bate aren’t I? I don’t want any old Apple Watch, I want THIS Apple Watch. YouTuber NanoRobotGeek released a video actually at the beginning of this week showing off his process of restoring an old Apple Watch using a mechanical movement. The original goal was to see E-Waste, and unfortunately this isn’t a good way to do that, but repurposing an old Apple Watch case is still pretty good. At the end of the project he spent around $400 USD, which is honestly less than I thought this kind of project would cost.

This thing does look incredible, I don’t love the Apple Watch design, but bringing it to the mechanical world makes it feel special. The handset, heavily inspired by the Patek Philippe Nautilus looks great, the dial is vertically brushed, and it’s open heart, which I think is cool in this instance. The crown situation is super weird, where you would pull out the side button and then rotate the crown, which I’ll be honest, feels a bit prototype, but it works so well. Add to that the ability to use Apple’s watch straps (My guilty pleasure) and the minimalist vibe, I. hope he starts to sell these because I would make it a point to buy one.

I know H. Moser & Cie has their Swiss Alp Watch, but them poking fun at Apple falls flat when you make watches that start at $13,000 USD. This project was so cool to watch, and it’s safe to say I am now heavily invested in NanoRobotGeek’s career. Continue with the watchmaking, you are really good at it!