New Watch Alert!

Boldr just announced a new limited edition series of watches, based off of Pokémon. Now before you get too excited these watches are only shipping to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

Voyage “Pikachu”
Voyage “Charizard”
Voyage “Blastoise”
Voyage Venusaur

All four of these watches are based off of Boldr’s “Voyage“ line, but that all have a distinct look and purpose. The Venusaur is a chronograph, The Blastoise appears to be a GMT but I honestly can’t tell, the Charizard is sort of a dive watch, which I don’t get, and the Pikachu is a three hand field watch.

I’m a bit confused with some of the matchups, but they all look pretty good, albeit I’m not a huge fan of collaborations on watches. Pricing and sizing looks good, there is not a lot to complain about here.