New Watch Alert: Christopher Ward The Twelve

Christopher Ward is the most enthusiast watch brand you’ll ever find. And I’ll be honest, while I have never been 100% on board with the brand, Christopher Ward’s first integrated steel sport watch in over ten years, “The Twelve” piqued my interest.

There are actually a lot of variations of this watch, so as long as you don’t absolutely despise integrated steel sport watches you’ll probably find something you like.

The Twelve Basalt Gray $995
The Twelve Glacier Blue $1,225
The Twelve Ti Astral Blue $1,450
The Twelve Ti Nebula Purple $1,895

The cheapest version is steel with a rubber strap, followed by a steel on steel version for a little more, a titanium on rubber version, and finally a titanium on titanium version to cap the base price at almost $2,000.

$2,000 is a lot to spend on a watch, but you really do get a lot, something I am eternally impressed with from the brand. For your money you’ll get plenty of choice, with rubber straps, bracelets, and some really nice dial colors. On top of all that, the dial is textured with the plus part of CW’s logo, the texture is really deeply set, something that I am at least divided on.

While you can tell where they got their inspiration, this watch is not a complete homage, and they proudly pointed to their inspiration, I appreciate that. I personally would go for the titanium on titanium in that purple color, but all of the options seem great.