The latest MB&F doesn’t look like a penis!

Okay, I know they only have one “Horological Machine”* that looks like that but it isn’t like the rest look that much better. The HM11 is “…not a far cry from Matti Suuronen’s Futuro house – the Finnish designer’s 1970 fiberglass-reinforced plastic design – which was met with some of the same hostility (or at least incredulousness) I often see for MB&F’s HMs” – Hodinkee’s Mark Kauzlarich. Do I need to say it? It’s a beautiful piece of art** but the cost, the “Horological Machine” all of it is so disgusting. It’s better to just ignore any watch above five grand, if you ask me***.

*Call it what it is, don’t call it an eggplant emoji

**I do have respect for the arts, but I still have my limits

***5k conveniently cuts off just below Omega