The MoonSwatch is a complete and utter failure in every possible way

That’s right, a year after Swatch released the MoonSwatch, with numerous spin-offs that many people enjoy, I have to agree with, uh, “Lume Pip” which I guess is supposed to sound cool1, that Swatch has a complete and utter failure of a watch on their hands. Okay look, I don’t want to defend Swatch here2 but seriously, it has been a whole year and considering how many spin-offs Swatch has since released the MoonSwatch is just objectively not a failure3? I mean you do you, obviously if you don’t like the watch you don’t have to enjoy it, but can you at least stop making angry YouTube4 videos for no reason other than clout? I mean, what other reason is there to make a video about the MoonSwatch in 2024 other than getting hate clicks5?

  1. At least my name is alliterative ↩︎
  2. Blah blah communist blah blah ↩︎
  3. And I’m not even an economist ↩︎
  4. Derogatory ↩︎
  5. Swatch haters and “Swatch hater” haters ↩︎