The next Vero Open Water

When I was first getting into mechanical watches I adored minimalist watches1. As I have matured (not just in this community) my tastes have expanded. However the Open Water by Vero has persisted. Now I am heavily biased because Vero is an Oregon based watch brand2, that’s only one US state away! But nevertheless the new Vero Open Water 38 is just so close to perfect. Equipped with Nodus’ Nodex clasp for easy micro-adjustment, two flashy colors3 I seem to have almost fallen back in love. It’s a shame no watch can ever beat the Farer Aquamatic4.

If you are still reading, I thank you for your time and ask you read this last paragraph. Currently the state of Israel is committing a genocide on the citizens of Palestine. I want to make one thing clear, I am not calling for any violence against Jews, or Muslims and any harmful rhetoric or actions towards any of these groups should and will not be tolerated. What would mean the world however is if you happen to have some cash to spare, send it along to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The world is all kinds of fucked up right now but there are many ways we as individuals can help, there are more resources on this page here and all over the internet. I don’t have much of a voice but I will not be silent with the little I have. Thank you and wherever you are in the world I wish you well.

  1. cut me some slack I was coming from an Apple Watch ↩︎
  2. PNW FTW ↩︎
  3. Okay, highlighter and white but still ↩︎
  4. Someday I will own the Thurso ↩︎