New (Limited) Watch Alert: Seiko x Rowing Blazers

This collection is probably already completely sold out by the time this is actually posted, but Seiko and Rowing Blazers has released a third round of watches, and they still look pretty good.

Seiko x Rowing Blazers on nylon

Rowing Blazers is a more luxurious brand focusing on a preppy aesthetic, for rich people. I’m not 100% sold on that, but the watches they have released with Seiko look so great.

Seiko x Rowing Blazers tin

There are four dial variants, a purple dial, a pink dial, a yellow dial, and a white cream dial. Each of them are based off of the Seiko 5 with really interesting color combinations that feel modern and fun compared to the colors Seiko normally uses. They come with a metal three link bracelet and a nato strap in a limited edition tin.


I love this particular Seiko 5 chassis, it’s so sporty and doesn’t look like anything else on the market just on it’s own, now add more modern color combinations (if not a bit corporate) and you have a winner in my books.

Design Overview: Farer Aquamatic

It is no secret that Farer is my favorite indie-microbrand today, their use of color, is so fantastic and they mix modern and vintage design aesthetics so well. My second favorite collection Farer sells is the Aquamatic collection, featuring six different color combinations, and a few different bases. As always this is just my opinion on this watch design, not a review.

Aquamatic Nazare

My personal favorite is the Nazare, one of the two newer versions, which features printed waves on the teal turquoise dial, framed by the simpler bezel option in salmon pink, it comes three different available straps, a pink rubber strap, a blue one piece nato strap, and a jubilee style bracelet. And that’s just one of the six color combinations, each version has the same selection of strap materials in different colors depending on the watch’s theme.

Aquamatic Biarritz

The other new version is the Biarritz, which is white and red, save for the turquoise nato strap the unique thing about this version is the ceramic bezel, which ups the price to $1,085 from the original price of $1,050. As pleasant as it looks, nothing compares to the previously mentioned Nazare or the Porthleven which features the wavy dial motif, except in a dark blue with red accents.

Aquamatic Porthleven

That being said, there is a version I don’t like. The Cribbar has a black smooth dial with red and light blue accents, it feels less thought out in comparison to the other versions available but it offers all the same value and someone else will probably love it. I can’t complain about options.

Aquamatic Cribbar

These watches embody everything I love about Farer, bold colors, especially blue shades. Incredible attention to detail with the Farer “A” on the second hand, and embossed on the bronze cap of the crown. And really nice sizes, these watches all come in at 38.5 millimeters with a lug to lug of 45 millimeters. Combine that with three packaged straps, making the watch wear differently for many situations, and the quality Farer has become known for, these watches feel like a must.

Design Overview: Boldr Field Medic Destro II

Okay this post is mainly a design overview, but it’s also a new watch post because technically this watch hasn’t been announced, at least according to the button that says: “To Be Announced.” This is not a review, as usual, and all images are from the brand’s website.

Boldr Supply is up there with my favorite micro brands, my only problem being there designs usually go after the “Every Day Carry” aesthetic which I personally don’t want to associate myself with too much, but the Field Medic chronograph looks nice nonetheless. The watch feels very utilitarian, and has a very nice size, coming in at 38 millimeters with a lug to lug of 44 millimeters, *almost* perfectly sized for me, but it’s the little details that make the piece.

The dial is very well proportioned with a pulsometer on the outer edge, a nice change from the usual tachymeter, and one that makes sense for a medical inspired watch, but besides that, the dial is a bit traditional for my taste, a reverse panda with red hands, but it gets better, with the indices and subdials being picked out with Japanese SuperLuminova; green AND blue! The indices are mainly circles, with a triangle at the twelve, it adds a playful twist to the relatively traditional dial.

The case and lugs, on the other hand, have an interesting silhouette, forming an almost tonneau shape but not quite. To take this further, this watch is technically designed for left handed people, with the pushers and crown are on the opposite side of the watch, but t honestly doesn’t matter what your dominant hand is. The lugs are more integrated into the case sitting on a grey one piece nato strap.

Boldr knows what their design language is, and it works really well, offering nice vintage sizes with more modern and somewhat aggressive design cues that are obviously meant to be worn adventuring, all coming in at $299. I have my problems with this design sure, but it doesn’t matter, because the good parts of this watch are so perfectly executed, that I can’t help but fall in love a little bit every time I look at it.

New Watch Alert: Nodus Unity

Nodus is one of my definitive micro brands, they usually stick to tool watches, but for their latest release they’ve released a more dressy watch. Based off of the skin of a citrus fruit or the bark of a tree, I know, very descriptive, these watches feature a sunburst sandwich dial and a beautiful ceramic bezel and comes in two beautiful pastel colors, blue and pink. The watch features Nodus’ NodeX clasp, on a three link bracelet, the watch has a diameter of 36.5 millimeters and a lug to lug length of 43.5, my perfect sizing!

The watch looks incredible, with incredible attention to detail, and I can very easily see the being dressed up or dressed down. My only problem, the ceramic bezel, it makes the watch feel off. I am excited to see where the watch series goes but this is a great start.

Unity Blossom Pink
Unity Topaz Blue

New Watch Alert: Vero Meridian

I probably should have mentioned that the Wind Up Watch Fair has been going on for the last couple weeks, and that might be the reason there are so many new watch releases. Nevertheless, yet another new watch, and another new favorite honestly. This is the Vero Meridian and I think I can finally get on board with Vero. As usual all photos used are from the brands website and this is not a review.

Meridian Wind Rally

I have mixed feelings around Vero, on one hand their designs have been too “Every Day Carry-y” for me, that will be a recurring verb here. On the other hand, they’re based in Portland, only a few hours away from me, make great tool watches and truly have their own design language. The Meridian takes those great things, and amplifies them to make a watch I really really like.

Meridian Wind Rambler

The Meridian comes in two really nice colors, a beige with a a blue and a red outer ring at the edge of the dial, and an inverted blue dial variant, both on a pleasant looking sector dial. I am loving sector dials the more I see them, and this one has a pleasant step down reminiscent of the Traska Summiteer. The handset and arabic numerals are simple and get the job done, but don’t look boring thanks to the proportions. The lume is not the great, but it’s there at least.

Lume Shot

The case and bracelet are incredible, coming in at a diameter of 38 millimeters and a lug to lug of 44.5 millimeters, it will wear nicely on quite a few wrists. And what a relief that is, because that case looks incredible, a chunky bezel that has circular brushing on the top mixed with polished bits on the bracelet and sides of the case gives an interesting but simple tool watch look. The bracelet looks incredible, five links across, similar to vintage beads of rice bracelets, and uses the NodeX system for tool-less micro adjustments.

Case back and movement

The movement is just a Sellita SW-210-01, but it is so well finished with heat blued screws black rhodium plating, and “snail-finished gears” The case back is engraved nicely with the watches tagline, a little thing showing how to open the case back, and boring stuff like the lug width and the water resistance.

Clasp with NodeX

This is the first Vero watch design that I’m actually interested in, my only real problems being the 38 millimeter diameter. (I’m partial to 36 millimeters) I hope Vero continues to explore colorful small watches in the meantime, i’ll dream about the Vero Meridian.

New Watch Alert: Christopher Ward The Twelve

Christopher Ward is the most enthusiast watch brand you’ll ever find. And I’ll be honest, while I have never been 100% on board with the brand, Christopher Ward’s first integrated steel sport watch in over ten years, “The Twelve” piqued my interest.

There are actually a lot of variations of this watch, so as long as you don’t absolutely despise integrated steel sport watches you’ll probably find something you like.

The Twelve Basalt Gray $995
The Twelve Glacier Blue $1,225
The Twelve Ti Astral Blue $1,450
The Twelve Ti Nebula Purple $1,895

The cheapest version is steel with a rubber strap, followed by a steel on steel version for a little more, a titanium on rubber version, and finally a titanium on titanium version to cap the base price at almost $2,000.

$2,000 is a lot to spend on a watch, but you really do get a lot, something I am eternally impressed with from the brand. For your money you’ll get plenty of choice, with rubber straps, bracelets, and some really nice dial colors. On top of all that, the dial is textured with the plus part of CW’s logo, the texture is really deeply set, something that I am at least divided on.

While you can tell where they got their inspiration, this watch is not a complete homage, and they proudly pointed to their inspiration, I appreciate that. I personally would go for the titanium on titanium in that purple color, but all of the options seem great.

New Watch Alert!

Nomos just released four new color ways of my favorite dress watch design they have. The Tetra! The new color ways combine metallic and muted shades, with the small seconds subdial contrasting the main dial color. It’s safe to say a 1 brand watch collection is looking more appealing each day. Pictures below.

Tetra – Die
Tetra – Die
Tetra – Die
Tetra – Die

My favorite new variation is “Die Fuchsteufelswilde.” That purple with the coppery-salmon subdial looks incredible. This new collection keeps the 29.5 millimeter diameter that we’ve come to know from the Tetra line, but since this is a square watch and Nomos is famous for their big lugs, this watch will wear larger.