I Tried on Various Watches in France

When in France, you try on as many watches as possible. Well, unless you are like me and have social anxiety and feel a bit bad for wasting the persons time, but I tried on a few cool watches today that I want to talk about. One thing I have noticed throughout these last couple years is that my favorite watch I have ever tried on was a Tissot PRX1, and I have tried on some expensive watches. Today is no different, I tried on some expensive watches and while I liked a few, in general I honestly was a little bit disappointed, but that is a very case by case basis that I will get into per each watch. Alright, On y va!

The first watch I tried on was the Meistersinger 36, Azurblau2. This was a strong start, everything about it felt right. I wish I knew the exact lug to lug length but I would assume it is around 42mm, the main case size was great, you know I love a 36mm watch, and finally this beautiful blue with the striking black date dial and white hand was just so pleasing. At the end of the day it is still a dress watch and I have my eyes on a sport watch but I did enjoy trying this one on.

Meistersinger 36 Azurblau

Keeping with the Germanic theme I tried on a couple of Junghans, the Meister Driver Handaufzug, and the Max Bill Bauhaus. I’ve been a big fan of both of these watches for a while now so it was fun to try them on myself. Again I don’t know the exact measurements of the lug lengths but they both feature a 38mm case and both felt really nice. I personally was most drawn the Driver Handaufzug3, but Junghans also removed it from their website so I don’t think I’ll ever own this one unless I get lucky. The second one I tried on was the Max Bill Bauhaus, and I liked how it fit, and the casebook was beautiful, but I think if I were to put the money forward for one I would get the smaller hand wound one, or one of the versions with the Arabic numerals because the typeface is most of appeal4 to this nice enough dress watch.

Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug
Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus

Next up was the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver. I don’t think I have much to say about this, but it *technically* fit on my wrist5. Not for me, but it was fun to try on at least.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92

These last two watches are both dive watches and I was most excited for. First up was the Oris Aquis 36.56. This one was almost the winner but I don’t love the dials that are all available on these smaller models. It just felt lovely and like it was built for my wrist but with the recently released Aquis Caliber 400 models even if I had the money, it feels like a mistake to buy a non-update Aquis right now.

Oris Aquis 36.5

Finally, one of my most anticipated watches of France, the Yema Superman. And I was incredibly disappointed. Partially because I only tried on the larger size, so it didn’t quite fit me but also because the bracelet was complete shit. Normally I wouldn’t trust myself to be an arbiter of quality because in my opinion the Tissot PRX stands toe to toe with the Cartier Santos7, but for the first time I understood what a bad watch bracelet felt like. It was jangly, pulled on my arm hair, and the clasp was mediocre at best. When I get into Paris I really do hope to try on the smaller version with the Snake Scale bracelet and hopefully that’s better, but for now the $1,400 Yema is losing to watches that cost half the price, and I really want to justify owning a Yema Superman8.

Yema Superman Dato 500 41
  1. Maybe besides the Cartier Santos or Nomos Club Campus ↩︎
  2. I also learned how to say ‘Turquoise’ in French ↩︎
  3. Almost Art Deco ↩︎
  4. I don’t know why so few brands focus on their typography ↩︎
  5. It had to happen? ↩︎
  6. I need to try on the 39.5 next ↩︎
  7. It is an incredibly flawed opinion that you should not pay attention too ↩︎
  8. Maybe they can change my mind with the new Slim Micro-Rotor ↩︎