Impressions: Tissot Sideral

When I first saw the Tissot Sideral I was floored. Here comes one the the largest watch sellers releasing a funky not for everyone watch, and yet it still felt like a Tissot. I didn’t think I would be able to try it on so soon but an opportunity fell right into my lap. While I didn’t have nearly enough time to form full thoughts for a review, my impressions of the Sideral are very very positive. It follows the trend of vintage inspired watches, but it chooses to use loud bold colors and an interesting case material, the only problem one could find with the watch is the price.

Tissot Sideral Wrist Shot

The description of the case on Tissot’s website is lengthy, “316L stainless steel case with marbled forged carbon.” Despite the wordy description, the case feels incredible.¬†¬†First of all, this kind of carbon fiber case is usually found in many more expensive watches, (which could might work against this watch, I’ll get to that.) The marbled case looks so incredible, especially on the blue version where the effect really stands out. Adding to that, the watch doesnt even feel too light, it very easily could’ve felt like a Swatch in hand and as much as I like that lightweight feel sometimes, I also want something that feels weighty and substancial, and this watch suprisingly scratched that itch. The best part, none of this watch looks or feels 3d printed, everything feels intentional within even just the case.

The modern Sideral is inspired by a vintage Regatta timer that was actually known for being the first fiberglass watch, I think this modernization is incredible, the colors chosen are good, but boring, luckily Tissot is already offering their great strap in other colors, including black, green, and orange, which serve as great accent colors that can make the watch seem more dynamic. So let’s talk about that strap, I have been complaining about the boring straps of watches for awhile now, these straps are incredible, very flexible, and dont use the normal method of securing the the remaining parts of the strap, instead of a little loop it uses another pin to plug into one of the other holes. Its a bit tricky to figure out at first but works well and with the supple flexible rubber chosen, feels great on wrist.

Brilliant Tissot Sideral Strap

Now heres the problem, it is $995. At that price, value is more important than funky case materials, and for a thousand dollars it is possible to get other watches with a stainless steel case! I love that carbon composite case, but as is with every carbon fiber type things, it feels a bit like plastic. The movement is nice, and definitely makes all of the weight of the watch, and its big but it feels like its supposed to be large, so it works here. I am still looking at these premium watches in the lane of a first watch, the Sideral isn’t a good first watch for me, but I still mightve bought it after trying it on if I had the money, so its probably for the best I couldnt afford it right then and there.

Tissot Sideral Movement

I do love this watch, I think Tissot is slowly doing more and more fun things, I remember when I first learned about the brand a few years ago I didn’t like any of their watches, they were all too boring and traditional and thats changing now. As large as it is, it wears well because its suppsoed to be a hyper visible tool watch. I personally would prefer a differnet set of colors, primarys just arent my vibe, but they do work well for this type of watch. There is no reason to hope for this but I would love Tissot to make a smaller version based off of pastel colors. This watch isn’t one hundred percent for me, but the fact that it exists gives me hope for affordable watchmaking.