ZuluDiver Space-Bound Velcro Review


When I got my MoonSwatch I replaced the strap as soon as I possibly could, And I knew exactly who to turn to. Zuludiver has some incredible straps in their catalog, but my personal favorite has been their “Space-Bound” collection. Designed in the style of the original Moon Watch straps except a little bit more fun. I think this strap looks incredible, bar a few defects, and feels great on the wrist, especially compared to the stock MoonSwatch strap. 

I bought the Spacebound strap for the Mission To The Sun, and it works really well on the watch, but the strap was actually designed to compliment the dial of the watch, this isn’t a bad thing, the reflectivity matches the sun burst dial almost perfectly, I just wasn’t expecting it. The weave isn’t anything special but it looks good enough, and the lines are all crisp which is most important here. Honestly I wasn’t sure how much I would like the black velcro on this strap, but it looks so great, the contrast actually makes the watch look better than it did originally in my opinion. If there is one thing I dislike about this strap is the placement of the quick release pins, they are very visible when I wear my MoonSwatch, which doesn’t look good.

But how does the strap feel? Well, coming from the stock strap, it is so much better. The hardware is metal, and a little bit thinner which helps make this strap fit a bit more flush than the stock strap. The other part of that fit is the more flexible fabric, with much less memory than the stock strap, so it’s easy to get a perfect fit, That being said, it still has a bit too much memory for my taste. The fabric is so much more breathable, but lets not get carried away, the velcro gets in the way of most of that breathability. Speaking on that velcro, it is so much better than the stock strap, it feels like its gonna last longer and it feels stronger and nicer in general.

The general theme of this watch strap is better than the default, but it’s most certainly not perfect. Like stated earlier, I do not like where the quick release pins are, especially because they are uneven on each side of the strap, one is higher and easier to reach than the other. I have already run into some fraying on the fabric, especially on the very edge of the fabric of the strap, and the smaller part of the strap with the metal loop is still stiff, just thanks to the design. The third issue is a bit of a stretch I know, but I think thats only a testament to how good this strap is.

For the price You get a really fun strap thats inspired by a really cool idea. And the best part is that this strap doesnt just work for the moonswatch, color is color and as long as your watch has a 20 mm lug width this strap could fit any daily wear watch. There are even other color variations for not MoonSwatch watches. This strap is perfectly utilitarian, while remaining fun light weight and colorful, at the price of $30 you can’t really go wrong.