My Favorite Tudor.

Watch culture and car culture meet across many points, so that got me thinking, what would a bike nerds watch be? Well I may have found the answer, but unfortunately it was discontinued three years ago. This Hodinkee article aged pretty poorly, but maybe if we give all of these articles enough attention Tudor will bring my new favorite watch back.

The North Flag is an entirely new type of product for Tudor – acutely modern and highly technical. It is to the Ranger what the Pelagos is to the Black Bay. What the caliber 5621 means for the brand, however, is far greater.

Benjamin Clymer (March 17, 2015)

This Tudor was based off of an old Ranger II reference, and this modern interpretation is so incredible, I love the integrated H-Link bracelet, the no-nonsense sportiness, the funky take on a power reserve indicator and the neon yellow highlights. And this was the first Tudor with an in house movement!

Tudor North Flag on sport bracelet
Tudor North Flag on matte leather strap

I personally think Tudor needs to bring The North Flag back, it was perfectly sporty and, aggressive in all the right ways, and I think is perfect for nerdy bikers like me. It started at $3,550, normally I would ignore it because it’s more than $2,000, but this is one of the few integrated sport watches I truly appreciate. Tudor, bring this watch back, and I would sell my soul to buy it. All photos courtesy of this Hodinkee article.