New (Limited) Watch Alert: Oris Aquis Hölstein Edition 2023

Ever since I got to try on the Oris Big Crown I have been a fanboy of this brand, but even before that I’ve always enjoyed them. Despite being an old traditional brand they have truly interesting designs, and are built very well. I am choosing to ignore the prices for now because they are just out of my preferred budget for now. Oris just released a purple Aquis with now date! And just when I was beginning to come around to that complication too… As usual this is not a review, and most of the pictures are coming from Oris, except for wrist shots.

Every year Oris releases a new Hölstein edition watch, Oris’ hometown this has been going on for a few years. Last years was a pretty meh looking steel watch, but that doesn’t matter because this purple looks so damn incredible, even with my disdain for the overused (in my opinion) sunburst dial.

Combo me that with a nice gray (I think) bezel, a still wearable 41.5 millimeter diameter, and again, no date window. Oris is releasing a hell of a watch. Now it’s not all good news, a watch this nice can’t just be for everyone, it is $4,400 and limited to 250 pieces, so good luck to all.

I still don’t like limited edition pieces, and I wish this watch was a bit smaller. That doesn’t matter though, not this time around. The beautiful variation on the purple sunburst dial with the lowkey bezel and case make a stunning watch, now if I want something purple I have to choose between Oris and Christopher Ward.