The Top Five Watches on my Mind.

I just watched this video from Watchfinder & Co, and it got me thinking. What watches can I not get out of my head? Why can’t I get these watches out of my head? Will I ever be able to afford all of these watches? Three of these watches I have had the pleasure of trying on, and I will use my pictures that I took on wrist, but two of them have still alluded my hunt so I will be using the companies website product shots.

An important part of trying on a watch is who helps you, one of my best experiences trying on a watch was a Tissot PRX at a local branch of a jeweler. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I never cared about this watch in any way, in fact I hated it because it was so popular, but trying it on I understood why it’s so damn hyped. Sure there may be some overreacting by the watch community, but the bracelet and clasp felt really nice, and the brushing on the case look so good, it looks way more expensive than I would have assumed, and the green version I tried on actually looked good! I usually hate that shade of green, I have yet to see a photo that truly does the Tissot PRX justice, unless you have already seen it in person.

There’s a German word, “sympathisch.” It translates into “personable” but we never use that word here. It is one of the nicest compliments you can give and it just means something being all around pleasant. If there is one watch I would give this compliment to, it would be the Farer Discovery Red 36mm. While it may not have the best name, it looks incredible. The cherry red sector dial with the blue accents of the lume, the incredibly sized 36mm case with a standard lug width of 20mm, and the crown topped with a bronze cap. All of it looks fantastic, and perfect, at least for the tool watch it is trying to be.

It’s not everyday when I truly enjoy a $7,000 watch, but obviously it had to be a Cartier. And surprisingly it wasn’t a tank. The Cartier Santos is one of the oldest pilots watches, and defies Cartiers usual jewelry vibe. The rough and tumble square case with exposed screws and bolts, finished with heavy brushing and a tad bit of polish, this watch is nothing like Cartiers usual offerings. When I tried this watch on I fell in love, the finishing was great sure, but it was more about the fit. The lugs curved perfectly around my wrist, as if it was designed for me, the size lends itself so well to my wrist and the dial is perfectly readable, even with roman numerals. I don’t think I would let myself buy one even if I ever could, but it still occupies a space in the back of my mind.

Possibly the only watch I have constantly loved since discovering it, the Nomos Club Campus has almost everything I need in a watch. Made in the country of the brand’s founding, check, unique colorful design, check, a good reason to buy one, check. The Club Campus is advertised mostly towards college students as their first luxury watch. While that isn’t a good target demographic, the math itself is incredible. Nomos offers beautifully decorated in house movements, an interesting modern take on the Bauhaus design language, and incredible finishing everywhere. Nomos is seen as one of the best value watch brands today, and I agree. That’s coming from someone who hates the term “value” let that sink in.

The Oris Big Crown Pointer Date is incredibly underrated, I see almost no one ever talking about it. I just don’t understand, the coin edge bezel balances a tool vibe and a dress vibe very well, the pointing date complication looks so much better than a date window, and it comes in a variety of sizes for almost everyone. The one I tried on was the 38mm, and I would probably buy the smaller 36mm version, but something about the watch just felt right to me. Nothing was too much it all felt considered, the vintage inspired details worked really well, and I could find a reason to wear it almost anywhere. That being said the price is a bit steep considering other watches I could buy in it’s price bracket.

These five watches have stuck with me, and if I had too much money than I would buy all of them right here right now, then subsequently stop blogging because I’ve made a perfect collection of watches, maybe I would buy a cottage and live a peaceful life, settle down and raise some kids. Luckily that won’t happen, so you can rely on my posts for years to come. I have tried on so many watches at this point, but these three that I’ve tried on plus the other two I’m still looking for at dealers all feel special, something I can’t say for any MB&F.