I Tried On Three Cool Watches

The tricky thing about looking at watches today is that almost all of it is online. Today I had the fortune to try on a few watches. Long story short my perfect four watch collection might have expanded a little bit. This is not a review, just some impressions of a few watches, and as always, all photos courtesy of the watch brands.

Number 3: Bulova Lunar Pilot

Yeah, this watch is huge, but it kind of has an excuse. It went to the damn moon! I think it’s warranted this time, but I am pleasantly surprised with how it fit on my wrist. While it was massive, and I would have to switch out the strap so it doesn’t move on my wrist as much, I liked how it fit, because again, it went to the moon, I think it’s a great winter watch, and it looks great!

Number 2: Seiko 5 Sports

I need a good dive watch eventually, there’s just something about the clicky bezel that calls to me, I know this is a desk diver but it has enough water resistance for me, and it wears surprisingly small on wrist with a lug to lug of 46 mm. The version I tried on was very heavy, with the full metal bracelet, but I think I could get used to the weight. I assumed it would fit me well because of the lugs, but the reassurance is nice.

Number 1: Casio G Shock

Fun fact: I am not a man, so it’s always gender affirming to wear a women’s watch. I fell in love with this watch today because of the perfect androgyny and counter culture of these “Casioaks”. The pastel blue mixed with the smaller size makes this G Shock much more appealing to me.